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We're Proud to Welcome Sublime to the MJHI Coalition

When it comes to cannabis, generally, you'd think of cannabis flower, edibles, and extracts right?  On top of that, as a multi-state manufacturing and distribution network, it'd be in our best interest to bring in not just solid brands with superb products, but a highly marketable brand that's friendly to all states right?  So, in a move to not only expand our operational capability to our states and provide the end user with even more variety of premium cannabis products, we've invited Sublime to the MJHI Distribution network.

Sublime is an Arizona-based cannabis brand that produces and markets a wide variety of cannabis products ranging from flower to edibles and extracts.  The makings of a mainstay, premium cannabis manufacturer.  What the brand is really known for, however, are their edibles and we're excited to deliver those edibles to states like Oklahoma, South Dakota, and California in the coming months.

The exclusive distribution deal signed today by both MJHI and Sublime effectively expands the brand to its first state of Oklahoma almost overnight.  And with PPK Investment securing taking on the manufacturing and distribution of the brand in Oklahoma, the overall cannabis industry is now automatically blessed with great tasting and ultra-potent edibles courtesy of Sublime.


Taking on Arizona's sparse but highly profitable medical marijuana market early in 2015, Sublime immediately stood apart from other brands with its commitment to quality and consistency.  Producing everything from flower to edibles to extracts in small-batches, the brand put in the meticulous effort and dedication to fine-tuning its recipes and building deep-rooted relationships with its partner dispensaries.

Despite Sublime being an overall cannabis brand, they're known for their edibles; and with a cult following across Arizona and several awards to back it up, the brand spearheads the market of gourmet edibles. Much of their edibles success comes from their in-house Corporate Chef, Rich Velasquez, who joined Sublime in the early days of the company.  Since his joining, the brand ensures all Sublime kitchens and products uphold the highest standards of quality control from the inception of products, the manufacturing of them, all the way out to the hands of the state's patients.

The makings of a top-tier cannabis brand doesn't just encompass product innovation.  Sublime also takes pride in providing premium quality at affordable prices.  After all, what consumer or patient would want to break the bank for the sake of elevating?  The cannabis market is highly competitive, and Sublime takes that fact in stride as six years of effectively "figuring it out" pays out in droves.

We are proud to welcome Sublime into the MJHI family.  With edibles that are quite literally unheard of in the general cannabis space and pricing as inviting as a pre-COVID party, we're sure that any dispensary across the country would be proud to stock their products just as much as we are happy distributing them.

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