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Weedsy Joins MJHI as it Looks to Expand to Other States

Born out of a need to reshape the pre-roll game, and during a time where the act of sharing anything is severely looked down upon, California-based Weedsy  broke out of the gates with a product line unlike any other: half-gram mini pre-rolls infused with flavored distillate all sold for an affordable price.

With an ethos that's centered around the equivalent of a personal pizza but for pot, the brand consistently earned itself a reputation worthy to be marketed outside of the state's legal jurisdiction.   Hence, the matrimony between Weedsy and MJHI begins.


Mini pre-rolls in a market as saturated as California isn't a novel idea.  Building a brand that focuses entirely on the self-satisfying act of toking up without a care in the world for anyone else is   an original idea.  During the initial fallout COVID-19 brought on, two things happened: 1) people stopped sharing their personal items with each other; and 2) cannabis consumption skyrocketed.  Weedsy, being a new brand looking to make its mark in an already-saturated market solved both issues flawlessly.

Not only that, but given its new footing in a market that's historically difficult to sustain in, the brand worked its ethos into nearly every aspect of its marketing, from end user consumer marketing all the way down to how it treats its partner retailers across the state.  With its internal team working tirelessly to ensure an easy experience for its product offerings, the addition of Weedsy into the MJHI Distribution network, and with that, easy access to multiple states with an ever-changing audience demographic makes the transition even easier. 

Following suit with the existing brands in the umbrella, Weedsy multi-state operations will start in Oklahoma and South Dakota; with PPK Investments taking on the brunt of the manufacturing process in those respective states.  In the coming days, Weedsy will join the MJHI booth in exhibiting its product offerings at MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas where it will secure the  interest it needs to launch  successfully.

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