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MJHI Launches Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Chronic THC

What a time to be in the cannabis industry!  After careful deliberation and a seemingly endless number of meetings, we're proud to announce Chronic THC as the latest offering within the MJHI Distribution family.

Already a leading distribution network, offering premium cannabis options for the states of Oklahoma, South Dakota, California, and Arizona; with another five states in the final stages of entering the cannabis market, MJHI consistently sets the bar for accessible cannabis goods for as many adult users as possible.


Chronic THC, being the Delta-9 THC equivalent of the ultra-popular CBD brand, Chronic Candy, is a multi-state edibles operation with over twenty years of experience in the cannabis industry.  Given the twenty years of learning and observing the cannabis markets, one thing is certain: there is a lack of true innovation when it comes to the edibles experience.  Regardless if the state is open recreationally or just starting its process of a medical cannabis pilot program,  the typical offering of edibles sums up to chocolate bars, baked goods, and gummies - that's it.  And while these are tried-and-true options of edibles have produced some of the greatest brands the industry has ever seen, the bar cannot and will not stop there.

Chronic THC looks to improve on the edibles experience in two ways.  The first, being the most obvious, is to simply make the edibles taste better.  You've probably experienced something like this before.  You take a bite out of a chocolate bar and it doesn't even taste like chocolate!  It tastes like a grassy, or closer to the taste of raw distillate; almost as if during the production process, not a single thought was given towards how the edible might taste for a new user that might not be familiar with a cannabis-infused edible.  Chronic THC believes in both the cannabis efficacy and the overall tasting experience for the end user.


There is a lack of true innovation when it comes to the edibles experience.

by Tony Van Pelt, CEO of Chronic THC


The second facet Chronic THC looks to achieve is to revolutionize its product offerings.  Their pilot product launched exclusively for the Oklahoma market are the Milk N' Cookies  THC-infused  chocolate flavored edibles.  These are molded to be identical to edible versions of cannabis flower nugs.

Taking a page from the CBD-leaning Chronic Candy, product concepts like these effectively reset the bar and encourage more innovation, thus resulting in increased interest for the brand and sales for the company's bottom line.





Like all brands we seek to partner with, Chronic THC represents a hunger for change in the cannabis industry.    Between  reinventing the acceptable standard of cannabis edibles to a never-ending thirst to make its products accessible to all, Chronic THC fundamentally seeks a platform to achieve its goals.  With the help of MJHI and its team encompassing full seed-to-sale manufacturing, full service distribution, and multi-state operations, the future looks bright for Chronic THC.

In the immediate future, and under the management consultation of MJHI, Chronic THC will attend and exhibit several cannabis tradeshows across the country in the coming weeks and months.  Just as the brand is excited to showcase their latest and greatest, we, as it's exclusive distribution network are excited to deliver exceptional support.


Multi-State Operator specializing in seed-to-sale manufacturing, full service distribution, and dispensary support operations  for the legal cannabis industry.