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BLVK Label Joins the MJHI Family Leading Up to MJ Biz Con

With one of the cannabis industry's largest tradeshows only days away, MJHI Distribution signs yet another brand into its family; offering its clients even more variety to service the adult end user.  The brand in question is BLVK Label, a California-based company that develops and markets THC and cannabis vape products.

Under the exclusive distribution deal signed today between MJHI CEO, Patrick Bilton and BLVK Label CEO, Raymond Yang, BLVK's first taste of multi-state cannabis operations hits the ground running as the brand launches its initial product offerings to the states of Oklahoma and South Dakota.

It was bound to happen.  Given the proven track record over the years earn from BLVK's e-liquid operations, the cross-over of our brand points all paths towards our new journey into the cannabis space.

By Raymond Yang, CEO of BLVK Label


Much like their start in the cannabis industry, the original BLVK brand was born years ago and has since garnered a worldwide audience under their specialty of developing and marketing a series of e-liquid flavors and electronic  cigarette devices.  With over ten years of experience, a loyal brand audience, and a knack for consistently delivering innovation of whatever industry they choose to dive into, the switchover to cannabis was never a matter of it, but rather, a matter of when.

When given the opportunity to develop a brand using the BLVK brand's likeness and ethos, CEO Raymond Yang jumped on the opportunity, playing well into his team's forte of developing a cannabis experience that both provides a value to consumers while also enforcing an ethos of delivering an exceptional vaping experience for virtually every flavor palette.

Given the brand's reputation as a manufacturer of vaping products, BLVK Label's product offering encompasses six strains infused with a multitude of flavors that are both tried-and-true classics and unique product innovations alike.  Whether the strain leans as a future favorite or a solid classic, each product contains an original twist.  Strains such as Hakuna Mimosa  and Suge Kush  not only provide a pleasurable vaping experience but go above and beyond to truly relate to the lifestyle preferences its users may experience on a day-to-day basis.

With one of the biggest cannabis shows of the year coming up, BLVK Label's addition into the MJHI family comes at an opportune time.  Being able to exhibit and showcase their products leading up to the formal release and statewide distribution of the brand within the Oklahoma and South Dakota markets spells a great start for what will become a mainstay brand in the overall cannabis industry.

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